Why read to succeed ?

The major benefits of using this tool are:

1. Saved time/effort for looking and searching for quality and relevant articles online

2. A proper approach for reading and included magical autosave vocabulary tool.

3. Unique categorization of content for covering the entire spectra asked in reading comprehension section of various MBA aptitude exams like CAT , GMAT , XAT , IIFT etc.

4. Covers almost all domestic and international sources from The Hindu to Economist , Gaurdian and many more. You can check our sources from the Our sources section.

5. It also provides study tips for MBA helping you passing MBA easily.

6. Dedicated sections for International Newspapers ,Novel and International Magazines suggestions relevant for MBA exams preparation.  

7. Another benefit stems out from the magical vocabulary tool that comes free with all read to succeed plans using which you can save  definitions and translations of English words at once, and displays them on every next occurrence on web-page. Completely eliminating the need to search again thus enhances your vocabulary and memorizing capability.

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