There is clearly no doubt amoung the people about the importance of vocabulary in the english language. Be it verbal or nonverbal both forms require a clear and efficient use of vocabulary to master at.After years of research and analysis from experts the one universal method which is deemed most successful is to read extensively from diverse sources which is exactly the mantra here at read to succeed.You can also gain some wisdom from one of the most prominent vocabulary mastros in India

 Mr Shashi Tharoor Here 


Vocab Tool

You used to search every time after seeing a new word while reading an article. Usually, you check the word and forget it afterwards. You need to repeat the process every time even for the same word which has already been checked just a week ago. If you are facing this problem of forgetting words, Dictozo is for you. Dictozo is a powerful chrome browser plugin (extension) which lets you save definitions and translations of English words at once, and displays them on every next occurrence on web-page. Completely eliminating the need to search again thus enhances your vocabulary and memorizing capability.

Subscription to Dictozo Tool comes free with all plans at Read To Succeed.

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