Why should we read?

In the past decade the homo-sapiens have witnessed a considerable amount of change in the way we experience and live our lives. Be it the spark development in technology, globalization or increasing awareness on issues relating to sociology, all have contributed to a world where almost everything is digitally accessible. All this coupled with the internet have made us so engulfed in the media stream of digital and virtual arena that it has vastly affected one of the most ancient and useful skill of homo-sapiens which is to read.

This week blog attempts to restore that lost spark of reading that once used to be, by enlightening some of the benefits that reading has on both your life and career through citing of some interesting facts.

Let’s start with some interesting benefits of reading on human mind and lifestyle:

1. Reading can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

2. Being a reader means you’re more likely to learn something new every day.

3. Reading can be therapeutic.

4. Reading helps to boost your analytical thinking.

5. Reading actually does make you seem sexier, especially to women.

6. Dinosaurs didn’t read, look what happened to them.

7. Reading makes you intelligent

8. Improves both vocabulary and communication skills

All these are some general benefits associated with reading. Now let’s move on to the biggest and most unrecognized benefit of reading which is reading boosts imagination.

Imagination undoubtedly is one of the most powerful tools of human brain which helps us in many areas relating to creativity, arts, innovation, new discoveries and problem solving.

Everything changes when we read.

The more we read, the more enlightened we become. Gaining knowledge empowers our minds and broadens its range. Reading broadens our imagination by stimulating the right side of our brain. It literally opens our minds to new possibilities and new ideas helping us experience and analyse the world through others' lives. Imagination while reading is what helps us view this world from our own unique perspective and think about endless possibilities or as Einstein rightfully said “wisdom begins with wonder”.

In the current digital age where everything is so easily accessible and presentable, the ability to imagine is lost among children. In that condition Reading is what becomes a major saviour that not only boosts your imagination but also helps you gain knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your field of work. This assertion is strongly supported by the facts which clearly point out the reading habits of successful people in many fields be it politics, business, healthcare, media or anything all proclaim reading to be there most premier skill when asked about their growth and career.

At read to succeed we have tried to create an atmosphere where people can come and read on a variety of interesting subjects, sources, levels on a daily basis in forms of novels, magazines, articles, newspapers or whatever medium possible. This platform is curated towards MBA aspirants but it doesn’t end there, it is for anyone who has a curiosity to learn about life, broaden his/her vision and most importantly boosts imagination which is the most important quality one can have to create an impact in this society.

Reading is a skill not an art, anyone can master it, so start reading now from readtosucceed and make a difference in your lives.

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