What is the best strategy to prepare and master the Verbal section in the CAT?

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

What is the best strategy to prepare and master the Verbal section in the CAT?

What I see mostly on Quora is that a single universal question is asked in multiple ways according to the search habits of CAT aspirants. Although it’s a good thing and I respect the knowledge and opinions shared by other people on this forum but one thing I would like to add here is that these answers are like pieces of puzzles, they lack the complete picture.

So the basic thing that everyone wants to know is how to get better at the verbal ability section of various MBA aptitude exams like CAT??

Well let’s try to make it as simple as possible and focus on the crux of the matter.

So basically there are 2 phases of the verbal preparation

1.) Skill Development: Which includes Reading from sources relevant for CAT and vocab building.

2.) Testing (Mock tests/RCs/VA): This is what everyone does and mostly jump upon directly and which most coaching institutes will teach you.

So the point of concern here is not to dwell upon the testing part but upon the more important issue of how to get better at the key skill which is required to perform well in testing i.e.: Reading

You may have heard this from many of your mentors but it’s not just about read, read, read, it’s about reading from the right sources and in right amount with simultaneous work on your vocabulary.

We believe the key skill tested in any MBA exam verbal aptitude section is the ability to read and understand the text as quickly as possible rather than making immature guesses by option elimination. Hence we have tried to inculcate that methodology through Read to succeed in the best possible manner.

Once you master your skill of reading and comprehending texts of diverse topics as quickly as possible, testing part will be nothing more than a cake walk.

So we come to final question of how to do it?

Well its simple just readtosucceed! Readtosucceed is a website where you can find all the relevant content that you need to read on a daily basis to enhance your reading ability for CAT ranging from

1.) Daily editorial suggestions from one of the best sources worldwide and from where generally CAT passages are taken from. For example:

The New York times , Guardian, Aeon, Atlantic, The Hindu, The Economist, Quartz, Bloomberg, Nautilus, Sydney morning herald, to name a few.

You will also have access to vocabulary words for each of these articles

2.) Free Daily Newspaper download: The Hindu, The Indian express, Business standard.

3.) Monthly Magazines: The Economist, Bloomberg business week, The New Yorker, Reader’s digest and many more sources relevant for CAT.

4.) Novels: A database for best novel suggestions and download for CAT.

5.) Sunday special upload: Weekly upload of important study material for verbal ability section like: Previous year CAT RC passages, Arun Sharma, Aristole RC,1000RCs, Best RCs of all time and many more.

All this at a single place and that too for free, what else do you need, start now and remember Reading is not an Art , it’s a skill and anyone can master it.

Just start reading from: readtosucceed readtosucceed.co.in

Edited by Anandita shrivastav

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