What if? You are a readtosucceedian

If you are wondering what a Readtosucceedian is then let me tell you it’s a class of to-be successful people who supplement their minds by reading daily from Read to Succeed.

Be it in the form of novels, magazines, daily editorials or newspapers, they all enjoy the range and variety that is being offered. Just read the comments and you can get an idea about the magic spread by Read to Succeed.

The special instalment this week will provide you with all the benefits that a Readtosucceedian enjoys over other common readers. Firstly let’s start with the variety and depth of content sourced at Read to Succeed. Research says that reading the trending “today section” of Read to Succeed is equivalent to reading the best content available on that day from over 100 international sources and curated specifically for people preparing for CAT or other management exams. It’s like extracting a vile of elixir to drink from a myriad of oceans available online.

Secondly moving on to the engagement level that is generated among the readers due to the striking selection of articles that are mostly based on recent global events or all-time interesting facts and phenomenon that keep the readers engaged to the fullest. Thirdly the flexibility that a Readtosucceedian enjoys over others are in the terms of materials that are there to read online ranging from novels for CAT, Newspapers for CAT, weekly articles to read for CAT (Trending this week) and lastly the legendary collection of all time best magazines for CAT is unparalleled to any other reading platform.

Another interesting benefit enjoyed by a Readtosucceedian is in the way all the reading for CAT content is presented to them. For each article, you get additional information ranging from:

· Its source

· Words

· Difficulty

· Vocabulary

· Type

Vocabularies being the most popular among them is really helpful to help you read and understand the content as meaning to all the relevant words are included in it. Additional features mentioned above imparts a privilege to a Readtosucceedian as he/she can make their choices based on the various parameters of an article according to their reading preferences for CAT.

Along with all the features mentioned above, including the daily reading suggestions for CAT, there is another benefit that is enjoyed by a Readtosucceedian. This benefit originates from an excellent categorization that is done for all the articles for CAT updated on Read to Succeed which are:

· Philosophy and psychology

· Art and Lifestyle

· Business and Economics

· Science and Technology

· Political Theory

· History and Sociology

This unique categorization helps a Readtosucceedian choose articles based on his/her own areas of interests and also if one wants to gain or improve his knowledge in a particular domain. This categorization is done by keeping in mind the content that appears in reading comprehension passages for CAT and many other MBA entrance exams.

Now that you know all the benefits, what is stopping you? Become a Readtosucceedian today by visiting readtosucced.co.in and feel the change in the way you want it to be.

For all my fellow Readtosucceedians who are already in the mix, I would like to add “just keep reading and expect the unexpected, it’s just the start of a long and rewarding journey to a successful life or a dream B-school”.

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