The best method to approach a reading comprehension or reading in general. The Moment of “Aha!”!

There has always been a lot of talk regarding the MBA exams preparation industry about what is or should be the ideal way to approach an RC passage in various MBA aptitude exams.

This instalment today would try to introduce to you a way which is bound to succeed, be it any kind of reading.

A lot of parameters and strategies have been created for reading for CAT such as

ü What is the ideal reading speed?

ü Which paragraphs to read first? ,

ü Should we read questions first?

ü Should I read it all or answer by parts?

Well, to be frank, there are no single answers to these questions; everyone has his or her own perspective and way of doing things. So I would suggest you stick to the method you feel best suited to.

No reading speed is good enough or bad enough to crack CAT if you learn to play by your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.

Now moving on to the approach that we at read to succeed recommend to a readtosucceedian to improve daily reading for CAT is what we call the method of reading with intent.

Reading with intent basically involves a methodology wherein you read any text /content with intent to know more about the subject i.e. increase your understanding about that, not just for the sake of daily reading for CAT. This process initiates what we call the moment of “Aha” habit wherein you develop the habit of reading with interest and understanding the content gradually.

“Aha!” Moment definition is - A moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension. All major scientific discoveries are the result of this experience.

The more moment of Aha’s that you experience, the more your understanding of the passage grows and hence you score higher. So next time when you read for CAT be it from read to succeed or any other major source like NYT, Economist, Guardian, Huffington post etc always aim for reading with the intent to understand.

You can practice this approach for various kinds of content available on read to succeed ranging from novels for CAT, newspapers for CAT, magazines for CAT or daily articles for CAT.

So keep reading daily from read to succeed and expect more to come.

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