Political theory

This section basically includes articles based on political scenarios in the world both on international and domestic front covering issues such as politics . elections . education/health society etc.

This is one area that we can't or shouldn't ignore. Our opinions or attitude is shaped by our understanding of the political theories governing our times. 

  • Every era is defined by a core set of political beliefs. Try to go through the concepts of communism, humanism, and feminism. These are the theories that dominate our era.

  • Go through the different types of governments found in the world. What defines democracy? How does autocracy work?      

Given below is a table where relevant specifically curated articles would be uploaded on a daily basis with all the other relevant info. You can search articles based on many parameters such as Date,Type,source,word length and level of difficulty according to your preferences. Articles can also be arranged according  to the dates from newest to oldest or vice-versa by clicking on the Date tab in the table.

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