Verbal Starter / Booster Plan

Facing trouble finding the right reading resources?

Looking to improve your verbal ability scores?

Want to see drastic improvements in your vocabulary?


If the answers to any of the above questions is yes , then great you are at the right place. Verbal booster is a monthly subscription plan offered by read to succeed that provides you the best combination of reading resources which are specifically curated and designed to improve your reading ability. It takes care of all your daily reading needs by providing the best content from multiple sources at one place, inturn saving loads of your time. The plan comes with a newly designed vocabulary tool with features like word search ,save and listing to help you maintain and grow your vocabulary. Stop wasting time on looking out for or reading from poor sources

 Just spend 100 minutes daily with this plan and see the drastic improvements in your reading ability.

All Plans Include!


This includes daily update of 5-6 articles/editorial suggestions from the best International sources, specifically curated for students preparing for MBA entrance exams along with a huge data base of categorised articles


This section includes snapshots of the most important editorials that are published in the various prominent domestic newspapers in India at one place. Also includes international newspapers like the financial times, the guardian, Wall Street journal and more.

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This includes a powerful chrome extension tool which lets you search words instantly and save definitions and translations of English words at once, and displays them on every next occurrence on web-page. Completely eliminating the need to search again thus enhances your vocabulary and memorizing capability.


This section provides international magazines including ' the New Yorker', ' The Atlantic', 'Forbes', ' Economist' and more. You can find the best quality reading material here.


A huge set of choices in novels so you can explore the world of reading and literature, business and self learning a bit more from the world's perspective.


Open mentorship and strategic guidance on how to prepare and tackle the challenges while cracking any MBA entrance exam from one of the best IIT/IIM Alumni.

Benefits of the plan


No need to go through different newspapers everyday  to find the right editorials or spend your precious time wandering around looking for  quality reading material. Just visit our website, focus on your reading and leave the rest to us.


By referring to our daily articles and trending this week section, you will be up to date with all the important current topics and news from all around the world. 


We provide the right material curated from the best national and international sources. By reading articles published daily on our website, you can improve your ability to understand and comprehend passages, enhance your reading speed and significantly boost your verbal


Get all your reading done at one place. no need to go to multiple sources. one platform for all your verbal learning.


No need to search the meaning of a word by opening another tab and then writing down the meaning somewhere else for future. By using our vocab tool, know the meaning of any word right then and there and save it so you never have to search it again. Hence enhancing your vocabulary and easy memorisation.

Premium Subscription to Dictozo Vocab Tool comes free with all plans at Read To Succeed !

You used to search every time after seeing a new word while reading an article. Usually, you check the word and forget it afterwards. You need to repeat the process every time even for the same word which has already been checked just a week ago. If you are facing this problem of forgetting words, Dictozo is for you. Dictozo is a powerful chrome browser plugin (extension) which lets you save definitions and translations of English words at once, and displays them on every next occurrence on web-page. Completely eliminating the need to search again thus enhances your vocabulary and memorizing capability.

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