Philosophy and Psychology

Philosophy  is the subject that everyone wants to read but no one ever does. Hence, this proves to be the Waterloo for every student. Called the Mother of All Sciences, Philosophy can invade the arena of any other subject. Hence, we can get passages on Political Philosophy, Linguistic Philosophy, and Religious Philosophy etc. To get an experience of the havoc Philosophy can wreak in CAT, kindly solve the CAT 2006 passages or have look at the verbal section of XAT 2018. You will then understand the concept of 'baptism by fire'. You can never 'tackle' Philosophy. However, you are most welcome to the world of 'thoughts and reason'.


Pyschology It is a subject that most of us can relate to. It helps us understand ourselves by exposing our innermost beliefs. 

  • Read 20 -30 terms of Psychology. Understand the concept of the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious.

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