How to use it ?

To use this tool there is a step by step method that you need to follow carefully and diligently

STEP 1: The first thing you need to do is go and checkout the CAT RCs section. In this section you will  find the previous reading comprehension passages that appeared in last three CAT exams along with the various sources these passages were taken from. Open and read all articles to get accustomed with the type and nature of articles that appear in MBA entrance exams.

STEP 2: Next click on the articles tab under start reading section and checkout the type of categorisation that has been done for all types of articles. You will find the following respective categories.

           a.) Phillosophy and pyschology

           b.) Technology and science

           c. ) Art and lifestyle

           d.) History and sociology

           e.) Business and economics

           f.)  Political theory

Each section would contain a table archive of all articles uploaded till date of varied  difficulties and reading sources for CAT 2020. You will have access to info like word length , sources and vocab words. Open and read about all sections and try to understand the types you are comfortable reading about and have some knowledge relating to it. Also figure out the sections you are not comfortable with , which you need to focus on more.  . 

STEP 3: Install and setup the vocab tool from my vocabulary page ,who's premium account comes free with all plans of read to succeed. Click here to setup the tool. You can also have a look at a demo video for the same by clicking here.

STEP 4: Now checkout the Trending Today section where articles are uploaded on a daily basis across all different categories. On clicking an article you will be redirected to the respective website where the article can be found and read. You can also have a look on other relevant details like word length ,difficulty and source of article to select/choose your reading topic.

Start with reading 3 articles from suggestions and 2 articles from the respective newspapers editorials available on a day and move on to 6 articles per day of a different sections one after the another . Don't look for vocab words initially . Just try and  guess the meaning of words logically by sentence flow and then confirm later using the vocab extension tool. You can also save any word definition you like and later have a go through all your saved words using the vocabulary dashboard.

 Its recommended to give 10 mins each for six sections including the time for vocab. This method is called eclectic reading wherein you read about a particular subject matter on a day and then  follow a cycle of learning of all topics which eventually increases your knowledge on many varied domains  which leads to more deep and fast understanding of passages which is ultimately the crux of reading comprehension. It is one of the most recommended GMAT exam tricks to improve reading ability.  

If followed diligently over the next three months this method will drastically improve your scores in verbal ability section.

STEP 5: Read all articles with an intent to learn more about the topic not just for the sake of answering questions , a skill which  is usually required for a good manager. After every reading make a mental thought flow of all the important things/viewpoints discussed in the passage  for 1- 2  minutes. Lastly make note of the important words you learn daily using the vocab tool and practice Reading comprehension passages for CAT  separately apart from read to succeed.

STEP 6: As your reading skill develops you can also look for various  International Newspapers and Magazines in their respective sections. We upload good quality content there on a weekly/monthly basis like Harvard Business Review , Forbes , Newyorker , Economist etc.


1.) You should read one article from each of the 3-4 domains suggested daily and also one to two editorials from your Important Editorials if you want a quick and holistic preparation but the recommended  reading time for this activity should not take more than 80 minutes.

2.) You could also read section wise based on your preferences schedule  but be careful of not  getting into comfort zone of one section ,always challenge yourself with new readings it increases your brain power.

3.) We recommend using a desktop version of this site to generate a proper habit of reading  on     large screens as is the case in almost all aptitude examinations.


4.) Also you won't be able to use vocab tool with mobile devices as its not compatible with that yet.

5) For guidance relating to preparation strategy or any other query related to mentorship support fell free to chat with us or send a mail at readtosucceed2020@gmail.com .


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