History and Sociology

History : Luckily, most of us have a basic knowledge of this subject. Hence, passages on these topics don't appear impossible to solve.
Suggested reading to strengthen our familiarity with Social Sciences:

  • Articles on India's freedom struggle, ancient Indian civilization, and the different kings/dynasties. Try to read at least 2 articles on each of these topics.

Sociology : It is an interesting subject. It deals with topics that we all know about. However, Sociology helps us understand our society better. It also makes us unravel the hidden mechanisms behind the social rules we all have taken for granted. It is closely associated with Anthropology and Philosophy. It is also THE subject for understanding marriage and divorce!!!

  • Read on issues related to gender identity, demographic trends, terrorism, and immigration.

Given below is a table where relevant specifically curated articles would be uploaded on a daily basis with all the other relevant info.  You can search articles based on many parameters such  as Date,Type,source,word length and level of difficulty according to your preferences. Articles can also be arranged according  to the dates from newest to oldest or vice-versa by clicking on the Date tab in the table.

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