Business and Economics

It's arguably the most important area for an MBA aspirant and a stepping stone towards learning management theory. You will anyway read it in the B-school. Why not start now?

This is a section which covers all the concepts related to business world and also the one with the most direct application in an MBA.  It is also veryexiting for the money enthusiasts.

  • Understand the basic concepts of Economics i.e. the concepts covered in the intermediate level

  • Go through the budget analysis

  • Understand briefly how world economy works

Given below is a table where relevant specifically curated articles would be uploaded on a daily basis with all the other relevant info. You can search articles based on many parameters such as Date,Type,source,word length and level of difficulty according to your preferences. Articles can also be arranged according  to the dates from newest to oldest or vice-versa by clicking on the Date tab in the table.

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